Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reclaiming Our Home–The Final Chapter

You may recall, I went on my quest of Reclaiming Our Home last year.   This started off with a little painting in the living room, that then turned into a complete kitchen make over (in two parts) and finished up with the master bedroom and Lindsey’s room.

By the time I’d done all of that I had depleted my energy, enthusiasm and funds.   I promised Olivia I’d do her room this summer.   This project was at the top of my things to do list for the summer.  

When we first bought the house in 2008, I put up this border, to cover the existing border and viola!, Olivia’s room was ready.


It was the perfect princessy, little girl room.   Who knew seven years would race by and my little girl would suddenly be a “tween”?

The first thing to go was the border, and under it was this border.   The princessy room had previously housed a boy.


Once the borders were down, I painted KILZ on the green to make it easier to cover with the light new color.  For the record, one can get quite the buzz from working with KILZ in a closed room, ahem.


I’m a huge fan of Valspar paints.   Olivia picked “Beach Sparkle” for her walls and then “Icy Blue” for the contrast color.   Once she picked the colors, I decided to do all the walls in the Beach Sparkle, and then do the furniture and shelves in the Ice Blue.


The Icy Blue is VERY light blue, almost more of a mint than a blue.  However, when the furniture was finished and placed in the room, it picked up on the other blue, and gave the furniture a bit of a glow in the dark look.


This old dresser has a story of it’s own.  Check it out here.



I decided to keep the fuchsia curtains and I think it adds a nice pop of color to contrast the blues.   I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a new comforter set on the clearance racks.


I say this is the final chapter, but who knows. Neither bathroom has been updated, yet, ahem.

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