Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Not the Momma

We have just finished up the girls' first year in a new basketball league.   It was a challenge for several reasons.   First, it's a mixed league for ages 11-15, so you still have a few boys with that "I'm not passing the ball to a girl" mentality.   The second, and most obvious, is that some of the boys in the league are 6ft. tall and up.    I looked at the year as a complete success simply because neither of the girls got hurt, especially Lindsey who weighs less than 80 pounds and isn't even 5 ft. tall yet.

This past Saturday was the championship game between the top two teams, and the girls and I went to watch and cheer.   Truthfully, one team in the league was the underdog in that they are from a group boys home, and we went to cheer specifically for those guys.   It was a really closely matched game, with lots of action.

Just after half time, things went awry. Two of the taller boys, from opposite teams, had a terrible collision at the far end of the court.   One boy bounced off the wall, the other slammed on the floor, and didn't get up...or move.  One of the referees walked over to the boy, then turned to walk away in a hurry.   The coach went over, looked at the kid and then stood up with a startled look on his face and walked away, also in a hurry.   Suddenly a middle aged man ran out to the boy and knelt down beside him, but you could see he didn't know what to do.   I saw that the boy was starting to shake as panic and pain set in.

I slid out of the bleachers and told my girls not to move, and I began making my way towards the injured boy.   A condescending woman sitting in the stands near my kids sneered,  "Well I guess the mom is finally going to check on her kid."   My oldest turned to face the woman and said "No, that's MY momma going to help the kid."   The gym went silent again.

I'll be honest, that was one of the most awkward things in the world.   Walking out past a gym full of gawking people, not sure of what I was going to see when I got to the boy.   Thankfully for everyone else, he had landed on his right side, with his back towards the gym.   The room full of onlookers couldn't see the puddle of blood spreading out on the floor, or the panicked look in the child's face, or the lost look on the man's face (I found out later he was the foster dad).

I sat down in the floor, and simply said "I'm here to pray, and to help."  I put my hands on both sides of the poor child's face and began to pray peace, and healing over him.  The bridge of his nose was sideways, obviously broken.  Blood was pouring out of his nose pretty steadily as the coach returned with a stack of paper towels.  Shortly someone else showed up with an ice pack and the director showed up with a first aid kit.    I continued to cradle the boys bleeding head and speak calm, soothing words to him to help him calm down, his shaking began to subside.

I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, watching him bleed all over me as the "first responders" slowly put their sterile gloves on.  Finally one of them said to me, "Are you sure it's just the nose, and not his eye?"   I'm pretty sure I shot him an ugly look.   I bent down low, still cradling the boy's face and had him open his clenched eyes and confirm that the eye was fine.

After some time, we were finally able to get him to sit upright, and then moved to the bathroom to wash some of the blood off his face and hands.  Then finally he was off to the ER where the doctors confirmed that yes, he did have a broken nose.   I.TOLD.YOU.SO.

I offered to help the director with the task of cleaning the area before the game could resume.   I kid you not, he looks at me and says "Don't touch anything, I'll clean it, I've got gloves on."  I laughed as I help up my blood covered hands and said "Yeah, I wouldn't want to get dirty."  I headed off to the ladies room to wash my hands before returning to my own kids and the remaining basketball game.  Not a soul, other than my own children asked about the boy.

I found out later, the boy's name was David.  I've prayed for him often since that day.   I've thought back over the comment the one lady made, and it makes me mad.   In a room full of "Mommas" nobody cared enough to go help an injured child, but they were quick to throw judgment.   I've wondered if I put myself at risk by not waiting for gloves.   But you know what, if God forbid, one of my kids is ever hurt and I'm not around, I pray that there will be a Momma who is willing to step out of her comfort zone and be there.

Folks we need each other.   We need to care enough to get out of our comfort zones, slide out of our comfy spot on the bleacher's of life and reach out to those around us who are hurt and in need.   We've got to stop turning our head's and saying it's not our problem.   Somebody needs you to care enough to act.  Love is a verb.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Keeping It Real

At the beginning of the year, many of the bloggers that I follow put up their reading lists for 2017.   I thought it would be a grand idea to join that band wagon, so I took a photo of the ever growing pile of books on the corner of my desk.

I'm happy to report that I have already read The Ruby Moon, and a great part of The Old Man and the Boy.   The Clarkson books were added after I won a give away from another blog, and while I know the are all the rage in the homeschooling world, I just have not been able to get past the first couple of pages, I'll try harder I guess.   I'm a very fast reader, and can easily plow through this pile in a month, if I can only get the motivation, and if the books grab my attention when I start to read.

I've been reading other books, ones not in the photo.   These are typically books that go with the healing class I teach at church, or read alouds that we enjoy as a family.   Truthfully though, I'm spending most of my free time reading curriculum descriptions and catalogs as I try to piece together next year (grades 7 and 10).   Truthfully, the planning and searching for curriculum is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.

In other news, ahem, I'm continuing to fight the battle of the bulge.   I find it amazing that I can fight for three or four weeks to lose 3 pounds, only to gain it all back by taking two days off from the gym.  It's discouraging ya'll.   I have lost a total of 34 pounds, since late July, but I should be a lot further along in my journey.   Interestingly enough, my pants are literally falling off of me, but the next size down doesn't fit.   How can this be?  

I'm wearing many hats (as usual).  I'm head of the Healing Ministry and Healing School at church, and am doing a lot of the teaching there.   In addition to homeschooling both girls, I'm teaching two co-op classes this year.   I'm also laying out the plan for next year's co-op, it's going to be a LOT different than this year.   I've been approached about coaching volleyball in the spring league and have yet to make a decision on that.   I still do the bookkeeping for the ballet studio.   While this does bring a bit of income in, it's taking more and more time, and I don't know that I can continue, or that I want to honestly.

Lastly, I'm still reviewing products for grins and giggles.   No, seriously I enjoy doing product reviews. I do the majority of my reviews through the Homeschool Review Crew.    Thankfully this year, they added a lot more blogger/reviewers, so I'm not having to take as many reviews as I had last year, which is making it a lot more enjoyable, and less stressful.

In a nutshell, that's where I am in life right now as far as "things" go.   This doesn't include being a wife, homemaker, mom and all those other one on one relational roles I have.   I'm feeling a bit introspective now, which typically means a change is on it's way.   Time will tell I suppose.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


It's amazing how quickly time gets away from me where this blog is concerned.   I keep it listed in my side bar of my main blog, Learning Curve, and it'll be "2 weeks since last post" and then poof, it's suddenly "2 months since last post".   

Sometimes I think maybe I'll just do away with this blog, but I just like it's cozy, open feel.   I'm not tied to the boundaries of homeschooling, and I can cover many topics.   Yet, the other blog takes the majority of my writing time.  It's disheartening ya'll.

Yes, I know, I set my own schedule and surely I should be able to eek out at least a weekly blog post that has something of value in it.  I shall endeavor to be better about it.

Now that I've whined a bit, be sure to check out the recipe for St. Nicholas Day Cookies, from you know, "the other blog".

Here's to a good week and hopefully some productive writing for me, right?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Bible Study Give Away Time!

I have two give aways going on this week over at Learning Curve.   The first is a copy of the 6-week Bible study entitled I Am Found.  The second book is a 10 week study on the book of Acts entitled An Unexplainable Life.   Be sure to hop over (using the links provided in this paragraph) and sign up for a chance to win.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Just Breathe

Happy Sunday morning to you all!    I'm trying to get back into the swing of writing consistently on both blogs.   Admittedly, I've been showing preferential treatment to Learning Curve...but really, it's out of necessity more than anything.  (Reviews, reviews and more reviews.)

So now that I've apologized, I'll share that I have a semi-inspirational post up over on that busier blog today, ahem.   Pop over and read and ponder on my post Just Breathe.

I'll be updating this site with newer photos of the kids soon, and I have a couple of posts floating around my head too.   Be patient, but don't go away!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Gardens - 2016 Edition

I've been a bit lax in posting to this blog in recent weeks and months.   I'm hoping to rectify that at some point, humor me, ok?

I thought I'd take time to share some photos of this year's garden.  This post serves a dual purpose, first you get to see my lovely flowers, and it we get the terrible storms in out forecast for this afternoon and overnight, I may not have anything but photos of the flowers by morning.

My mailbox garden is one of my favorites, I love the day lilies.

 My rosebush has taken on a life of it's own.  I need a trellis for next year.

 My shade garden is on the left side of my drive way.   I have evening primrose, hostas, day lilies, lambs ear and lamiun growing under there.   I also have some little white flowers, but I'm drawing a blank on the name.   I have a couple of wind chimes and homemade gourd bird houses hanging in the branches of the big pine tree.

This next little back yard garden has all sorts of things in it, a rosebush, lambs ear, lamium, fever few (which has taken over) black eyed Susan's, columbine, irises, obedient plants, chrysanthemums and purple spider wort.  Not everything is currently in bloom obviously.

The garden below is my the upper corner of my back yard.  There are day lilies, lily of the valley, cone flowers, spider wort, red hot pokers, a wisteria vine and a hydrangea bush.

The vegetable garden (below) is coming along nicely.   I'd thought the late frost had killed the squash, but they have rebounded, and all of them now have blooms.   We have 8 squash, 13 tomatoes (4 varieties), lettuce, spinach, endive and onions growing.   We've already harvested all of the radishes, so I'll replant those come early fall.   I also have a huge patch of sunflowers growing by the garden gate.

Lastly, here's my little garden shed garden.   It has white peonies, cone flower, mums, day lilies, spider wort, parrot irises, lambs ear and a few other little odds and ends that haven't come up yet.

I missed getting photos of my peonies and red hot poker gardens this year.   Here area few close up photos of some of my lovely flowers.

Thanks for touring my gardens with me!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Encouragement

Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful, and not so wonderful Mom's!    Yes, even the not so wonderful ones still need recognition and encouragement.   Maybe you're struggling today because your Mom wasn't the person you needed or wanted her to be.     Please take a minute to pop over to Learning Curve  read my article Changing the Course, and get a little insight and encouragement.

Happy Mother's Day!!