Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reclaiming Our Home

We bought our home in the late summer of 2008.  There were a few things we wanted to do right away, like paint the living room and redo the horribly busy kitchen.  We decided to push those things off until spring.

Over the next several years, we ended up with a revolving door of family members moving in and out of our house, due to one crisis or another.  My father-in-law suffered a stroke and came to our home to recover.  I never dreamed I’d one day potty train my father-in-law, but you do what needs to be done.

Then my biological mother moved in with us on a permanent basis, which turned out not to be so permanent one year later when she packed up and moved out unexpectedly.

Somewhere in there my homeless and sick prodigal cousin came to stay with us.   That was an experience in

Anyway, as each person came and went we lost a bit more of our home.  We rearranged the house several times to accommodate people, even moving out of our bedroom and into the basement.

I’m a clean freak.  I began to not care if it got cleaned or not.  It just didn’t seem like it was mine anymore.  I thought that was weird, but brought it up to my husband one day and he said he had been feeling the same way.

I’ve gone through and purged all of the abandoned belongings of others.   The last of the left behind house plants went bye-bye just last week.

Then I did it.  I bought paint for the living room.  Not just paint, but three shades of paint (ok, three shades of BROWN, but still).  I’m doing an accent wall with the darker color and then lighter brown on the other walls and of course a lighter trim color.   I’m excited to get started!

This wall will become my darker, accent wall.


I’m also looking at the kitchen and trying to figure out how to make it more bright and cheery.  It currently has a funky color on the cabinets and very busy wallpaper, everywhere.   See?


This is the wallpaper.   It’s on everything except the cabinets.  It is above the cabinets and between the cabinets, but not ON the cabinets.  




For the first time, in a LONG time, I’m excited about our house.    This week I start clearing the photos off the walls and spackling the nail holes, next week is paint time!

Be on the look out for before and after posts coming in the next few months.


Nicole T said...

It is astonishing to me what a coat of paint will do to a room. Choose a fun color, one that makes you happy, and paint those cabinets!!! Changing the hardware will also transform them. Don't be afraid of color!!! Have fun!

Joesette Huffman said...

I've been looking online at kitchen make overs where all they've done is painted and I'm FLOORED at how different it looks. My biggest fear is that the wallpaper won't come off well, or at all.... I cant wait to see how it turns out (I hope)!