Sunday, June 1, 2014

Prayer Journal Craft

Here’s a quick and easy craft that allows you to show your own style without it needing to be “perfect”.   The handy dandy prayer journal.

You’ll need a little hard back journal or a composition book, some Modge Podge or craft glue and scrapbook paper and embellishments.  You could even use some of the new colored duck tape.


If your journal has a slick feel, you’ll need to sand it a bit so your papers stick.  Apply a thin coat of your glue to the front cover or your book.  Make sure you put glue in between papers that overlap.   Once the front cover looks the way you want, put a thing layer of glue over it all and then allow it to dry completely.   Repeat the same steps on the back cover.

Now, the day before I was going to actually assemble my journal I happened to be in the craft section at a local department store and found sheets of cloth duck tape for $1.88 a sheet.  It was the perfect size for the little journal so I bought a sheet and gave that a whirl this time.


The front and back are both colored in the colorful cloth.  Then I took a piece of thin, sparkly ribbon and hot glued it to the front, starting at the bottom and taking the ribbon up and over the top edge.   The ribbon will now be a self attached book mark.  I threaded a few beads onto the end of the ribbon.  Then I added the shiny charm at the top and the sticker in the middle.  The charm is hot glued on the inside cover and the sticker is self adhesive and it reads “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin With a Single Step”.

It’s  a bit hippie looking, but I think I like it!

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