Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Reclaiming Our Home–The Kitchen

The kitchen was the biggest task in Reclaiming Our Home.  When we bought our house  in 2008, the kitchen was the one thing I hated and vowed to changed right away.   Six years later and I finally kept my word.

I consulted with the hubby and got him to agree to a pretty drastic color change.   Once I had him semi on board, I consulted with my best friend Donna, and she gave me some great ideas of ways to do things, and ways to make the colors work.

Phase 1 of the make over was to remove all the overly busy wallpaper.   I used a mixture of fabric softener and hot water in a spray bottle to loosen the paper.  This took three days.  Below are the “before photos”.



Phase 2- remove the door in the above photo and replace it with a wall.  This took an entire week, start to finish.  You can read about that task here.


Phase 3 was to remove the cabinet doors/drawers and hardware and repaint all the cabinets.  Here’s a photo to show you the contrast in the old and new colors.


Instead of buying new hardware I used Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover spray paint in “Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze” to  paint all the old hardware. This step alone saved me $100.   The first photo is before, the 2nd is the after.



Phase 4 – applying the wall color.  Above the cabinets, and on the newly installed bead board, I used Glidden’s Peacock Blue.  The remaining walls were painted Pebble Gray (by Glidden) and the cabinets and trim were painted Winter White, also by Glidden.   Typically, I prefer Valspar paints, but they didn’t have anything comparable to the peacock blue.

Here’s a shot of the bead board with the first coat of paint on it.


My husband did an amazing job of cutting the bead board and making it fit perfectly, even around the funny edges!

The color in the “after” photos is off.  The blue on the soffit looks like a navy blue, but it’s not.  If you look at the color on the bead board above the stove, you can see the true color.  The lighting just isn’t working with me.



I still need to add another set of cabinets, along the grey wall above, change the overhead light fixture and the light fixture above the sink.  Those will have to wait a bit.  In the meantime, I’ll work on finding some finishing touch decorations.

Total Makeover Cost:  $152

Bead board $15 (from the Restore)
Drywall & Joint Compound $36
Paint $98
Spray pain $4

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