Wednesday, May 20, 2015

“No”–5 Month Check In

Well, my 2015-The Year of No has been interesting thus far.  We’re now five months into this thing, and so far we’ve paid off over $6,000 in debt!  Praise God!    We have loosened up a bit, in that we went our to eat for our anniversary and Olivia’s birthday.

Yard sale season is here, and I’m got a HUGE pile of things I need to get priced and ready before it gets blazing hot.   I’m hoping to make a couple hundred dollars, and then donate the rest of the items to a local charity.

Summer can be really expensive if you have kids who go to camps.   Fortunately, Olivia is volunteering at the one museum and goes as often as she likes for free.   Both girls were awarded scholarships to attend the local community college for classes, and Olivia was also selected to attend an all expense paid week long Mechatronics camp at the local camp.     We participate in the Six Flags reading program each year, and we now have free tickets to go to the nearest theme park.   Yes, their entire summer of fun is FREE!

Ballet is our biggest kid expense.   After looking for ways to make budget cuts, I contacted the girls ballet studio and offered to barter my business management/bookkeeping skills for the girls ballet lessons.   This has been a HUGE savings to us, and a huge blessing to the ballet studio owner.  They are both getting free summer camp/intensives as well.   Definitely a win/win.

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the garden this spring.  In past years it’s been a hit or miss as to whether we tend it once it’s been planted.   This year, I’ve taken charge of the gardening an am thoroughly enjoying the time outdoors, and it will greatly impact our summer food budget too!

So anyway, those are just a few of the things I’ve been up to.   I also have LOADS of flower garden photos to share, so be looking for that post in a few days.

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