Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015–The Year of the “No”

Well, it’s that time of the year again.  Everyone starts making their resolutions, setting goals and picking a “theme” word for the year.   In keeping with those traditions, I’ve combined my resolution, goals and theme word all into one small, yet powerful word.  No.

No can be used as an adverb, meaning a negative used to express dissent, denial, or refusal, as in response to a question or request. 

No is also a verb and can mean to reject, refuse approval, or express disapproval of.   An idiom for no is “no can do”.  I like that!

 No alone is a complete sentence.  That’s right, I’ll be saying no more this year.

No to things that I know aren’t good for me, like fast food and soda.  Sweet Jesus, Dr. Pepper and sugar must be told no!


No to making unnecessary, obligatory purchases on the credit card.   (This may affect YOUR birthday, Christmas, etc.   Adjust.)


No to negative words and negative self talk.  No to working areas that I’m not called to be in.  No to taking on everyone else’s burdens.  No to over committing on the schedule.  No to feeling obligated to be all things to all people.  No to Facebook and email.  No to perfectionism.   Just….no.

In saying no, I’ll be freeing myself to say yes to things like:

~being led, not driven
~better health
~financial freedom
~mental rest
~better relationships
~less stress

Does this mean I’m cutting all ties with the real world?  No!  (pun intended)  Feel free to ASK me to go, do, help.   Likewise give me the freedom to give no as an answer.

No. That one simple word, holds so much power.