Friday, March 27, 2015

When My Words Bite Me In The Butt

How’s that for a catchy title.  I’m sure you’re thinking there is some horrible slip of the tongue story involved, no?  No is right.   But still my words taunt me.

I write for several sites online.  Sometimes my best writing goes up there, and my own blogs sit quietly waiting for some sparkle of creativity.   Back in February, I shared on one of those sites about the Beauty of White Space and how it’s those every day, blah moments that cause the bright pops of the extraordinary to stand out so vividly.   It sounds so lovely and makes the “norm” seem more palatable.

Yeah, well,  then all in one day you feel like black paint has oozed all over your white space and there’s really not much to see.   For example within a 24 hour period I had one mom excitedly tell me how she had just landed her dream job and will be in on the ground floor of a new nursing program at the college that just hired her.   No more long commute and a huge salary increase and it will give her free time to work on her master’s degree.    Fast forward less than 20 minutes and another mom is sharing with me about the incredible career opportunity that basically fell into her lap and blah blah blah…doctorate degree….

It was during that same 24 hour period that my intellectually gifted child suddenly couldn’t figure our for the life of her how many feet are in one yard.  Seriously.

It’s in moments like those that I wonder “Really God?  Can’t you just throw me a bone here?  I mean, just a little something to add some sparkle or splash of color?”   No.  I didn’t think so. 

So, I begin again, one more trip around the mountain.

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