Monday, January 19, 2015


On December 31, I wrote a post entitled “2015 The Year of the “No!”  I thought I’d share how that’s looking three weeks into it.

One of my main goals for this year is to attack debt.  It’s become far too easy to pull out the plastic card to get a little something here or there.  So I sat down and figured up a new budget.  I added all of our monthly expenses and divided them by 4 to see what we had to have coming in each week, just to cover outgo.   Before there’s any outgo, we tithe, but since the check fluctuates weekly I can’t budget that accurately.   We decided that we would only spend the actual amount we had left after the tithes and bills.

So what did that look like in real life?   Three weeks of no grocery shopping, that’s what it looked like.   I used things from our pantry, the kids tried some things they didn’t think they’d like, and maybe still don’t like, and the neighbors have  unknowingly helped us out by bringing us 4 dozen farm fresh eggs in the last 3 weeks.   Everyone likes omelets now, grins.

I used up the rest of our bushel of apples to make homemade apple sauce and found that the kids and the husband loved it!


We haven’t had ANY soda or candy, or even ice cream in the house since that article.    There has been no fast food, no Slurpee’s, etc.  I’m down 7 pounds, Tom has  taken his belt in a notch and Olivia has trimmed down.  Lindsey, well nothing really changed for her, because she didn’t eat that stuff anyway, except the Slurpee’s.

Financially we haven’t added anything to the plastic card, and we were able to pay a pretty good chunk towards a particular bill.

I haven't’ done as well in the “saying no” to people and unnecessary time commitments, but I have made some improvement in that area.   Baby steps ya’ll, baby steps.

What about you?  Are  you still hanging onto your resolutions, or “word”, or have you thrown in the towel already?  You can always start over if need be!

His mercies are new everyday, not just on January 1!

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