Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring in Virginia

Virginia has unique weather in the spring.  In a 24 hour period we’ve been known to drop from the 90’s to having a freeze warning, with heavy hail and hard rains in between.   Never a dull moment ya’ll.

Despite that, I don’t think there’s any prettier place to live.   I love the mountains (although those who live out west would consider them hills).    I especially love the flowering trees, wildflowers and the long planting and growing season we have here.

I thought I’d share a little of what my flower beds are looking like this spring.    Prepare for photo overload.

My dear friend Vicki heard me say how much I like seeing poppies, but I never had success getting them started.  Last fall she surprised me with several poppy plants from her amazing garden.  Only 2 plants seem to have survived the transplant, but they bloomed and were stunning (although it’s a brief bloom span).


I love the smell of peonies and their huge blooms are just so stunning.    I have two varieties (but may add more).   There is this lovely fuchsia peony by my sun porch window, and then lovely white peony is in the garden behind my garden shed.



I also have various types of irises.   I have the standard purple, but also white and these yellowy/burgundy ones.




My evening primrose is beginning to bloom along the driveway and curb.   I LOVE these pink flowers that stay in bloom most of the year.


My azalea’s have started to fill out this year.   I picked these both up on clearance at Lowe’s for 50 cents because they were closer to death than life.   Amazing what a little TLC can do.



I don’t remember what these little flowers are, but I love their sunny little faces.


My red hot pokers are starting to turn.   These are also outside my sun porch window.  Once the poker part turns red, little birds come and pick the seeds off.  I sit by the window with a cup of tea and watch them work.


Oh, and I mustn't forget my columbine!    


There are so many unique flowers in my yard, and each one makes me smile.   Sadly, I’ve noticed that my yard is the only one in the neighborhood with any flowers at all.  Sigh.

Flowering bushes line the back fence and the garden beneath our bedroom windows.  The pollen is bad, but the smells are lovely!


My tiger lilies and day lilies have not started to bloom yet, those throw lots of pops of orange and yellow throughout the yard, and contrast nicely with all the purples.


Now that I’ve shown you bits and pieces of my gardens, I’ll show you a few full garden shots.   The azalea/tulip/wildflower garden isn’t shown….it needs work (it’s on the schedule for the weekend).






There are still more flower beds to show, but they bloom later in the year….so brace yourself, there WILL be more posts about flowers coming soon!

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