Friday, June 5, 2015

Spring in Virginia–The Sequel

If you read my post Spring in Virginia, you know that I showed you lots of flowers, and warned you that there would be more photos coming.   True to my word, here I am, preparing to blast you with more photos, grins.

First up is my capon roses (I think that’s how it’s spelled).   These stalky, fuzzy grey plants burst to life with magenta blooms during most of the spring and summer.  The stalks have engulfed my Bradford Pear tree trunk, and have taken over most of the lambs ear.



My coreopsis has spread and popped up in various places that I hadn’t planned on it growing.  None the less, the bright yellow looks lovely as it contrasts my roses and spiderwort.


The red hot pokers have now turned a brilliant orange/red.   The little birds are eating all the blooms off, so they won’t last long.


My rose bushes are stunning!   There are so many blooms this year! I have a total of four large rose bushes, this is the most stunning.  I love the way the red pops out in contrast to the silvery lambs ear.  In the back of this flower garden are my fever few plants.  These little boogers tend to pop up everywhere as well.



Aren’t the little blooms on the fever few just the cutest things?


Just a few more photos ya’ll, really.   Spiderwort, some bell shaped flowers that come back every year, but not sure what they are, and lastly my hollyhocks.



Lastly are my hollyhocks.  I’ve planted these for years and have never had any success.   Finally this spring this beauty popped up and surprised me, isn’t is lovely?


The summer flowers will be different, so um, yeah…expect more photos.

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