Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Crafty Ballet Mom, Part 2

Way back in February I shared a post with you entitled The Crafty Ballet Mom.   Truth be told, it’s probably one of my funniest posts, or at least to me it was.   If you didn’t read it, pop over and do so now, and see how I made these lovely faux cotton candy props.


Here we are in spring recital mode.  The ballet instructor once again asked me to use my creativity to work on props.  She apparently has more confidence in my ability than I do. 

Anyway, she shoved a lovely little tangerine colored tutu into my hands and asked for fourteen tiny bouquets for the fourteen tiny dancers to hold during their dance.   The class is a young group, and without something in their hands they tend to flop their little arms around like little baby birds trying to learn how to fly.

I took the little tangerine tutu (which I should have photographed but didn’t) and headed to the craft store.   I  came home with this wonderful pile of crafty goodness.


The little roses are just a tiny shade lighter than the tutu, and the little greenish/white accent flowers are the exact shade as the edging on the tutu skirt.   Luckily there were 8 roses per bunch, so I only had to buy two bunches (and they were on sale, score!).

I used the husbands wire cutters to separate the roses and accent flowers into nice, neat little piles.



Next I paired up the roses with the accent flowers, to make sure I had enough of each.  This is an important step so you don’t get to the end and realize you’re out of accent flowers.  I learned how important this was in my original The Crafty Ballet Mom.


I did see that a couple of the bouquets were going to need some more accent flowers.   I made another trip to the craft store and bought one more group of accent flowers, and I also bought some white glitter tulle.  This is where things got ugly, and painful.


The goal with the tulle was to add some fullness and sparkle to the bouquets.  What I didn’t realize is that the glitter off of the tulle would fall every so gently off of the tulle and onto the surrounding area…skin, clothes, the floor, it all had sparkles.  For days to come sparkles could be found in various places, some of which I’m quite sure God never intended to have sparkles, ahem.

Other than the sparkle issue, things were going relatively smoothly up until this point of the process.  I had wrapped the stems tightly together with floral tape, and added a few strips of the glitter tulle into the little bouquets.  Lovely, no?


In a moment of reckless abandon, my crafty mojo suddenly turned on me.   “Wrap the flower stems in sparkly tulle”, it said.  “In fact, hot glue the tulle on so that the little ballerinas don’t pull it loose”, cried the crafty mojo.   Why?  Why do I listen to these ideas?

Here you see the victim, placing the flower stem onto the folded sparkly tulle, the hot glue gun at the ready.



Searing, scorching pain shot through my fingers as hot glue and sparkly tulle became one blazing glob of crafty nightmare.   Sweet mother of all that is good, why?! Why did I listen to my crafty mojo?

Too far into the project to give up I pushed on, wrapping, gluing, uttering things like “good hooglie mooglie” in elevated tones.  With an occasional '”gaaaaaaaahhhhhh”  thrown in.  The children precariously peeked around the corner “Mom, you ok?”

Um, no, I’m not ok.  I’m burnt, and I’m stubborn and I will not give in.  It finally dawned on me (oh, say 7 or 8 bouquets later, because I’m quick like that) that if I didn’t pick the cooled dried glob of glue/tulle off between each bouquet, it would in fact not burn at all.  Ha! 

Sixteen little bouquets later (yes I made two extra, just in case), my task was complete.  Long live the conquering Crafty Ballet Mom!!


Stupid crafty mojo.

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Just Me said...

Leave to Peepers to provide a chuckle for her readers at her own expense! Way to go!
They look great!