Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making Memories

The old cliché that time flies, is, by far the truest.  This week we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, and this weekend our oldest child turns 11.  That’s a lot of years, but it feels like a few weeks, days or even hours.   One thing is for sure, you can’t get that time back, but you can invest that time into building memories.   It’ll be those memories that carry us forward when the kids are grown and out on their own.   It’s those memories that’ll keep us in our kids hearts, when we’ve passed on.

Look back with me, at the last few days, and just a few of the memories we’ve made.

Bowling:  Yes, bowling.  We all enjoy this activity, and although none of us are superstars, we have fun.   We participate in the Kids Bowl Free program, so it’s a great, inexpensive outing for us.




Egg Coloring/Egg Hunts:  Yes, we KNOW that eggs have nothing to do with Resurrection Sunday.  However, we do color eggs with the kids, just like we put up a tree at Christmas.  (No ugly emails or comments please.)




The Playground/Park:  Getting outdoors is always a welcome in springtime.  The air is clean, the humidity hasn’t set in and bugs are at a minimum.   Pollen is a nightmare, but that’s what allergy meds are for!


Field Trips:   We’re still working on our Civil War study, and were able to cover several local battlefields, museums and cemeteries.




Eating in a Dive: Every now and then you stumble across a quirky little restaurant that you just have to try out.  The incredible amount of pig paraphernalia in this eatery was just too funny.   The little pig sign on the door below says “Dining Room Entrance”.



These are the days that we’ll all look back on fondly and say “remember when….”

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