Monday, April 14, 2014

The Happiest Girl Ever


Seriously, doesn’t she look like the happiest kid ever?  Well no, she wasn’t, because she felt like she had “bunny teeth”.  That was in part to be smacked in the mouth with a baseball requiring several stitches to her face, and some other issues at the age of 7.  Heck, I was just glad that she still had all of her teeth after that.

She all but begged for braces.  Ok, she DID beg for braces.  We explained that it wasn’t that we didn’t want to get braces, we just really didn’t have the money to cover it.  But I told her to pray about it, and when God provided the funding, I’d make sure braces would come her way.

I tried to reason with her.  “You know, braces HURT, right?”  It didn’t matter.  She still prayed, and believed, and touched the heart of God.


Have you ever seen anyone so happy to have braces?  Me either.  But I’m happier to know that God heard her prayer, because He does care about the little things (and the not so little).

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