Friday, April 4, 2014

The Birthday Week

I turned 46 this week. FORTY.SIX.  That sounds really close to 50, egads!     Several years ago I laid down an edict “I shall never again bake my own birthday cake.”   That next year, I went without a cake, and I was not amused.  The powers that be realized that this was not a good plan for future years, ahem.

This year the birthday celebration started two days early.  The husband came home from work on Monday with this yummy treat.


Then when he realized we’d had the homeschool day from Hades, he retreated to the nearest restaurant and came back with this for dinner.


On Tuesday, my best friend sent me these delicious chocolate covered strawberries.  They were AMAZING!  Each strawberry was about the size of Lindsey’s fist.  Yummo!


My older brother, Nelson,  has taken on the task of making sure I get a homemade birthday cake each year.  He makes the most amazing cake, with homemade frosting.   Decorating isn’t his strong suit, but like he said “You can’t taste spacing anyway.”


Nelson also brought me this vintage hanky. 


There’s a story behind it. 

Years ago I had a vintage hanky, I carried it in my purse just because it had belonged to a family member who had passed on.  Anyway, right after we moved here, I was shopping with the girls and Olivia sneezed, one of those disgusting sneezes that only little kids can do, the kind that covers them from nose to chin with snot.   I didn’t have any tissues with me, so I took out the hanky and told her specifically “DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY, PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET UNTIL WE GET HOME AND I’LL WASH IT”.

We got home and I asked for the hanky so I could pretreat it, and put it in the laundry basket.  “I threw it away.”  Was her answer.  What?  Where?  “At the store.”   Gaaaahh!!!   I had shared that story with Nelson, and for more than six years he’s kept it in his gray matter.  He found this one, which he said obviously wasn’t THE one, but it had purple on it (my favorite color), and it looked old, and he just wanted me to know that it had mattered to him, because it had mattered to me.  That is a good brother right there!

Other birthday goodies, that weren’t edible included this lovely handmade garden flag from Lindsey.


She drew it with marker, and at the top in big red letters it says “Happy Easter” and at the bottom it says “To Mom from your loving daughter Lindsey”.   I’ll have to put it up briefly one day, but I’m afraid rain will wash the marker off, so it’ll go in my mom’s treasure box after it’s inaugural display.

Thomas followed suit and bought me another lovely garden flag as well.  I love the feel of the material in this one, and the fact that it has “Welcome” written on both sides is the bomb!  I hate flags that have wording that shows threw backward onto the opposite side.


It was a good birthday week.  FORTY-SIX?  Sigh.

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