Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Crafty Ballet Mom

There are several things I never expected to be called in my life.  One was mom, one was crafty and another was anything to do with ballet.   Yet, today this crafty ballet mom spent the day making props for the upcoming Performance Awards.   Funny, no?

My first project was to make flower holders for the “Flower Dance”.  This one was pretty simple.  I found some lovely little metal flower pots at the Dollar Tree, and some silk flowers.  The biggest issue was how to keep the flowers standing upright so the dancers could easily “pick” the flowers during their performance.  I’d planned on buying little plastic bottles, but in a moment of genius, I asked the pharmacist at Wal-Mart if I could have 8 little empty pill bottles for a project and he said yes.  Score!  (Although he did ask “and do you need LIDS?” as if he thought I may have had ulterior motives.)


I hot glued the pill bottles into the bottoms of the buckets, then hot glued fake grass around the edges to cover the orange bottles.  (I know I need more grass, but we are currently snowed in and a trip back to the Dollar Tree is on hold.)  Then I cut the stems of the flowers and wrapped them by two’s with floral tape, and tada!


The second project was for the “Cotton Candy Dance”.   So I came up with this stash of crafty goodness.


For future reference, Kool-Aid will NOT color polyester fiber fill.  However, liquid food coloring will.  You never know when you might need that bit of information, so store it in some deep corner of your mind, okay?

In order to color the polyester fiber fill, place a few drops of food coloring in a plastic zip lock bag, then shove some fiber fill in and begin wallowing it all around the bag.   You may need to add more food coloring as you go, but do NOT put it directly on the fiber fill unless you want it to look like it has chicken pox (ask me how I know).

Anyway, once you have your fiber fill the correct shade (or as close as you can get), then set it out to dry a few minutes.  Now this is where things get sticky, for real.   Lay a long bead of hot glue down the side of one of the paper cones (totally random thing I found at a clearance type store, I knew they’d come in handy one day!)  If you don’t have the “official” one’s you use for cotton candy, then roll up a piece of heavy paper and tape/glue it together.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the glue.   Now the hot glue instantly adheres to your poly fill, which instantly adheres to your hands.  Which burns and makes you scream things like “good hooglie mooglie” (or worse).   Consider yourself warned.

Now that you’ve got some of the poly fill glued to the cone, you just need to work it around, and around repeating the hot glue, burn, good hooglie mooglie steps as necessary.

Once you’ve blistered your hands, I mean finished gluing it all, then take it outside into a WELL ventilated, not windy place and spray it heavily with clear acrylic sealer.   Which by the way is highly flammable, an eye irritant and is harmful to breathe…but hey it works and gives you a nice little buzz.

In the event that you think that this would be a good time to squeeze your creation together to make it more firm, DON’T, because your hands will instantly stick to the colored, smelly polyester fiber fill and you’ll have to ask your child for help in dislodging it.  Don’t even ask.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have some lovely fake cotton candy for some little ballerina to shred while waiting to go on stage.


You may also have hands that look like this.


I’m sure the stains will wash off by the time the blisters heal.


Nelson Campbell said...

You should write books of your adventures !

Just Me said...

Love, Love, Love.

J Maureen Saufley said...

Too funny! I agree with Nelson!