Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Fun

The wind is nippy (and 40 mph).   We’ve built our first fire to knock the chill off, and we’re being swamped by the neighbors leaves.   It’s officially fall in Virginia.

Each day looks as if God took a little extra time to paint everything extra special for that day.  Today’s yellow is tomorrow’s orange.


The kids have a never ending job of raking leaves.   All those trees in the background belong to the neighboring church, but they don’t rake.  So the girls tend to it each year.  (They should send them a bill.)

The dog hinders progress.  He watches, oh so quietly, looking so innocent.  


Then, just as you have a really good, big leaf pile going.  Here he comes….


I’d be willing to bet he’s watched Snoopy do this to Charlie Brown a time or two.  Dumb dog.

Another sign of fall here is the making of popcorn balls.   My husband has fond memories of his grandmother making these gooey treats when he was a kid.  We try to make them at least once during October.  




These are the simple, fun days of fall that we enjoy together.

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