Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Yes, I know that “Healthy-er” isn’t correct.  But it is appropriate at the moment.   Several weeks ago, in the post Road to Normal I told you about our house guest and some health issues.   Today we went back to the Health Department to get the test results from that day. 

First of all, did you know that in these circumstances, even at the request of the patient you are not “by law” allowed to have someone in the room with you when you are read your results?  Which I think is quite ridiculous, because really if the results are bad, you don’t want to hear it alone.    Did you also know that “by law” you cannot be handed copies of your test results, but they have to be put  in a sealed envelope and then handed  to you to open (after having just TOLD you the results)?   

So…drum roll please……all tests for STD’s are NEGATIVE!!!  Thank you Jesus!!  Now, keep in mind that the day she went in they told her she DEFINITELY had something.  They gave her a shot of antibiotics and 2 prescriptions for antibiotics and asked for contact information for any recent“partners” so they could contact them .   They even sent her to the ER for another shot, not to mention sending her home with lots of pamphlets about not spreading the condition.   And yet everything came back negative.   So as the “patient” and the “professional” exited the meeting room and the “patient” told me the results, I asked the simple question “WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU TELL HER SHE DID, GIVE HER ALL THESE MEDS, FREAK THE WHOLE FAMILY OUT AND SEND HER TO THE ER?”

“I’m sorry I can’t answer any questions presented by anyone other than the patient.”    GAH!!   So the patient repeats the question, a little bit more colorfully and, are you ready?  The professional says to her “Oh, you had an abscessed tooth and we were concerned about it potentially developing into meningitis.”

I swear, if I’ve ever wanted to go postal in a public place it was today. 

But instead of believing that these people are that incompetent, we choose to  believe that God answered prayers and healing took place.   Thanks so much to those of you who have been standing with us and lifting us up!!

Now, if you can pray for housing and employment for her, I’d GREATLY appreciate it.

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