Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Road to Normal

As you may recall in my last post we added another displaced family member to our home in December.   This one came with a lot more issues, challenges and stress (for me anyway).

Here we are three weeks into the process and although we are making progress, it’s slow and tedious.   I have managed to retrieve certified high school transcripts to prove that my cousin is who she claims to be…which is a required document to get a state ID card if your ID is stolen, lost etc.   So we drove several hours to pick that up, and then went to the DMV to get an ID.  ID’s are now mailed to you, and it takes 7-10 days to arrive.  We finally got it last Wednesday.  Thursday we went to the social security office and ordered a new card, yep another 7-10 day wait.

In the meantime, I kept having this nagging something just isn’t right feeling that wouldn’t go away.  So I made an appointment for the  new house guest with the local health department.   The appointment was at 2:45 in the afternoon.   At 9:30 that night we were finally back from the ER with her.  She was dehydrated, her blood sugar level was 486, yes FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHTY SIX!!  In addition, there is definitely an STD for which she got a shot and 2 different prescriptions for antibiotics in addition to diabetes meds.  (They have assured us that she doesn’t pose a risk to me or the girls since we use the same restroom…..but let me just say there is more disinfecting going on in this house than you can imagine.)   Test results should be back in, guess what 7-10 days!  (I really dislike those time limits anymore.)

Did I mention that most homeless folks don’t have health insurance, or money to pay for meds?   Yeah, so in the meantime I’ve helped her apply for financial assistance at the hospital to cover the ER bill.  We’re covering the cost of meds (thank you Wal-mart for $4 generics for most, not all, of the meds she needed.)  We’ve been to social services to apply for food stamps and in two weeks we have an appointment at the free clinic and with another community group who may be able to help us get her into a group housing situation.

So dear readers, if you get a chance, pray for us as we walk through this.  I know it’s the right thing to do as we prayed and sought direction before taking this on…but its not fun by any stretch of of the imagination.   In the meantime be thankful for things you take for granted, a roof, food, medical treatment and safety.   These are all commodities that aren’t readily available to everyone.

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