Saturday, January 21, 2012

Princess Recovery– Book Review


Book Description:

At two, she only wears dresses because she's a princess like the ones on TV. At six, she wants the trendiest, scantily clad doll because all her friends have it. At eight, she's begging for makeup because she wants to be pretty like the teen superstars.

Your daughter has every opportunity to be independent and confident--if only you could help her tune out the rest of the world! But can you really deny your little girl dresses, cartoons, and friends until she is out of danger?

Child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Jennifer L. Hartstein has good news: you don't have to! Her unique program teaches you to curb the world's influence on your daughter--without making her live in a bubble. In this debut book, Dr. Hartstein teaches you to:

  • Encourage your daughter to pursue her passion with industry and intelligence
  • Establish high but realistic expectations of your daughter and her future
  • Provide context for problematic influences--from the media to prissy peers
  • Build a mutual trust that will withstand her adolescent growing pains

With this plan, you can bring balance, confidence, and self-sufficiency into your daughter's life without denying her a modern, vibrant childhood.

My Thoughts:
I have always been careful as to what toys the girls play with and the style of clothing  they wear.  I’d never thought of it as a “Princess” issue, but more of a “this doesn’t match our values as a Christian family”.   For example, we don’t allow Bratz dolls, toys that involve magical powers and skimpy bikinis for babies.   We’ve taught the girls to dress modestly, but that doesn’t mean they were skirts and dresses all the time.   They are both quick to point out that certain outfits are “just not proper”.  

It’s good to finally see an “educated professional” who stands up and says ENOUGH!!   Dr. Hartstein points out some subtle and not so subtle marketing strategies aimed at our daughters, and gives excellent advice on how to deal with these issues inside our family as well as in relationship to extended family, friends and peers.

I highly recommend this book for parents of girls of any age.  I would also say that older  daughters might do well to read it for themselves to better understand the motives and intentions behind todays mass media marketing.

Author Bio:  Jennifer L. Hartstein, PsyD, author of Princess Recovery: A How-To Guide to Raising Strong, Empowered Girls Who Can Create Their Own Happily Ever Afters, a child and adolescent psychologist, is a regular correspondent for The Early Show. She has also appeared on Fox News, The Today Show, and Headline News. Dr. Hartstein uses a variety of treatment approaches that promote strong self-awareness, distress tolerance, and acceptance. She lives in New York City.

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