Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finally Some Progress

This week was filled with appointments, procedures and waiting as I try to get my cousin the help she needs.   Patience is not one of my strongest qualities so the waiting for things to happen is maddening to me.

However, on Thursday evening we had a follow up visit with a diabetes specialist for her.  Although he did increased meds for the diabetes he stated that the diabetes were the least of his concerns for her.   He said she’s several YEARS away from being able to live independently…sigh.    He got the ball rolling in some areas where I was running into roadblocks, thank you Jesus!  So, this week we have another gauntlet of appointments and evaluations.  However, based on the doctors preliminary assessment and other issues going on, it’s looking like she’ll be placed in an assisted living environment where her health (mental and physical) can be monitored and treated properly.

The kids are being real troopers, although Lindsey has said she wants her room and her bed back SOON.  You can’t blame her, it’s been over a month and she's floating back and forth between Olivia’s room and her Mamaw for sleeping arrangements.  

The husband, bless his heart is working lots of overtime, and trying to help with the kids schoolwork and around the house.

Mamaw has taken over most of the cooking for me.  She’s also being a great help with watching the girls while I’m running the cousin to appointments and trying to catch catnaps here and there.

Please continue to pray for strength (I’m still working 11pm-7am, homeschooling my kids, teaching at co-op, teaching Awana and trying to take care of a house and family in addition to all these appointments, meetings and phone calls.)   Typically I’m averaging 1-2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period from Sunday night through Friday morning.   Fridays I don’t go to bed until everyone else does around 8:30, so by the time I hit the bed I’ve been up for well over 36 hours straight and I’m pretty incoherent.

Today I’m running away with the kids for the day.  (The hubby is working.)   We’re going to do fun stuff, just the three of us.  Then I’m coming home and fixing a family meal (fried chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies, the hubby’s favorite.)   We’ll bake cookies and watch a movie later.   In all the “good and needful things” we’ve been doing, I’ve missed my family and I’m not liking it.

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