Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blast From The Past

The past is an interesting thing.  It can haunt, shape, destroy, or even elude you.   For example, check out this interesting photo.

Nelson and Joesette

The above photo, circa 1971, is something I never knew existed until yesterday when it showed up on Face Book.  That’s me on the left (they say) at age 3-ish, and my ever sneering brother, he’d be about 6 there. 

I don’t remember a great deal about my child hood, for good reason.   But some things a kid should remember.   For example, this next photo of Mom, taken on the same day as the above photo.

mom 1970

Had I not been told this was Mom, I wouldn’t have known it was her.   I have no recollection of her every looking like this.   Although that harsh look in her eyes…that I remember.

I certainly have no recollection of her ever acting like this.


Yes sir, Face Book is an interesting place to find yourself.

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