Sunday, December 29, 2013


It’s that time of year again where people are looking for their new “word” for 2014.   I’ve seen some good ones like “overcome”, “focus” and “achieve”.  Those are all great words, and they match the lives and journey’s of those who have chosen them.   

The word that I felt like is to be mine this year is “less”.   Not very encouraging or motivating is it?   Especially for one, who for 46 years, has felt like “less”.   Less than the child who was kept, less than the golden child who’s shadow I grew up in.   Less that the other bloggers who have hordes of followers compared to my 19, less of a mother than those who speak sweetly and quietly.

Yet, in 2014 I feel the urge for “less”.   Less busy, less things, less commitments, less food (gah), less bad attitudes, less grumbling, less of ME…to make room for more of HIM.

Even in picking the word “less”, I felt less than the others with the exciting, challenging words.   I almost didn’t share my word…if felt so much less important than all those others.   Then I shared it, and I received this amazingly encouraging and well timed message from a dear friend:

I love your word for next year and as soon as I read it I was flooded with emotions. It is crazy how a word can hit you with so many thoughts. So thank you, because I am using the same word. I need so much more LESS in my life; less stuff, less worry, less of me and more of him. See, it is the perfect word. Just wanted to say thanks! Hope you had a great Christmas and great New Year!

It’s amazing how “less” has already opened up so much more!!   Thank you dear Cindy for that paragraph of encouragement, it meant the world.


Nicole T said...

Less was my word for last year and it change me! I feel like so much MORE of the real me after my year of less. Embrace it!!

Joesette said...

Thanks for the encouragement Nicole!