Friday, December 6, 2013

What Do I Do With All This Leftover Turkey?

Come on, admit it, you’ve thought that in the days following Thanksgiving.  Haven’t you?

Well, here’s the thing you just freeze it and use it whenever, because it’s paid for, it’s cooked, and it’s good….but after a week of leftovers it’s hard to remember any of that.

We had our official Thanksgiving meal the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  By that Monday the husband announced “I’m done with the turkey".   Well, ok, but you’ll eat it at some point, we’re certainly not throwing it out!

So here’s what I did.  I pulled all the meat of the bones and froze it in quart size freezer bags.  I did the same with the leftover giblet gravy (yes gravy freezes well).

This week it was cold and rainy and I wanted some comfort food that stuck with you.   So I pulled out a bag of turkey and a bag of gravy and threw it in a pot…followed be chopping the left over celery and a good sized onion.  Then I threw in about a teaspoon of rubbed sage.

Looks disgusting, doesn’t it?


But hang with me folks.  Then I added some broth and let it cook for a couple of hours, and added a bit of salt and pepper.   The house smelled INCREDIBLE!

Just as the husband walked through the door I mixed up a batch of dumplings.  I made the fat fluffy dumplings.   Simply use self rising flour and water and stir until it reaches the consistency of biscuit dough, then drop by spoonful's into your boiling liquid and cover for about 10 minutes.

Then you have this…


Some of the absolute BEST turkey ‘n dumplings I’ve ever tasted.   Try this on a cold, dreary winter evening and believe me, you’ll be glad you did!

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