Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Especially Special

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with the check out lady at the grocery store.  You see, I was buying the ingredients for our Christmas cookies and candies, and she recognized the ingredients list and said “Somebody’s getting ready to make fudge!”   She lit up, and went on to say how she had such fond memories of holiday baking and making fudge into the wee hours of the morning with her mother when she was young.   Her mother has been gone 19 years now, and her father 21 years…yes she shared a lot in those few moments.

Then her tone soured a bit, and she pointed out that making that stuff was just too expensive and took too much time, and she just couldn’t see why I’d go to all that trouble.  I told her about my two young children and how, when I’ve been gone for 19 years I want them to light up at the thought of making fudge and cookies with me.  It’s those ordinary things that make the most special memories.

We woke up last Sunday to find that the weather prediction was right for once, and we were having an ice storm.  (Yes, that’s all ice, no snow.)

Christmas 2013 023

We spent the day at home, as a family, in our pajamas!   I made us a sit down breakfast of ham, eggs, fried apples and biscuits.  We decorated the tree, and the sunporch and Tom and the girls put up lights in places I really wasn’t too thrilled about.

In the evening I took out our punch bowl and whipped up a batch of punch.  (1 bottle cranberry juice, 1 bottle ginger ale and some frozen strawberries).  I made dip and we had our own little party, in our pajamas.    One of the girls said “This is the best day EVER!”

It was an especially special day…and one that will cause them to light up when they will look back on it years from now.

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