Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ethiopia–Day 4

Our 4th day in Ethiopia was by far the most hard to deal with.  We visited a recently widowed mother of 5 in her home.   The word home isn’t really fitting here.  Her home was a mud walled room, smaller than my mini van, and that’s not an exaggeration.  Inside the home there was nothing.  No furniture, no soft spot to sleep, no food…and tragically no hope.  In order to find work, this mother leaves the 5 year old in charge of the younger siblings.  She then goes out and picks up broken pieces of asphalt from the roadway.  For all her troubles, she earns 100 birr a month…less than $5 in U.S. currency.   Most often, her in-laws come and take what she has earned, literally taking the food that the children have to eat. 

I can’t really find words for the amount of anger you feel in a situation like that.  Then to have the mother-in-law come in while you’re still there and look to see if you’ve brought anything she can take.  It’s truly one of those times where you really wish the “old you” could be let loose briefly…but an international incident wasn’t on our agenda.

Please continue to pray for this mother and her children.  For safety, for provision…for things only God can do.  Please pray for Project Hopeful Awassa as we make this family a priority on our list of people to help.

And before you ask, no, we didn’t take any photos in this visit.  This woman’s misery is not to be a spectacle.  The sights are embedded in our hearts, I can assure you of that.

After decompressing a bit, we moved on to a much more pleasant visit.  We visit our dear Emebet.  Emebet is one of the most pleasant people I’ve ever met.  Her sweet smile is always present in her eyes.  Even when her body is in pain, you can see that gentle spirit in her.

Ethiopia 2013 012

One of Emebet’s legs has not healed properly after surgery.  We are looking into having her return to see the surgeon sooner than her original September appointment.  Please continue to pray for healing in her body.


Emebet’s family is such a blessing to see.  Her husband is a wonderful, humble man who wants to do the very best for his wife and their beautiful daughter.  He has recently lost his job, so please pray that he can find work to provide for his family the way he needs and wants to.


We finished up our day by heading back to the Ajuuja Children’s Home.  We spent the afternoon and early evening playing with the children.  The toddler’s loved the bubbles we’d taken. 

We finished up day 4 with a celebration with the staff and our friends.  We were all presented with hand made sodoma wear.  What an amazing group of people God has knitted together.


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