Friday, July 19, 2013

Ethiopia–Day 3

Early on Wednesday morning we loaded back into the 4X4’s and headed out to Aleta Wondo to check on some of our FIG families.  Aleta Wondo has a little over 1 million people living there.  The little community we went to on the outskirts was home to about 500.

We visited this grandmother, and her two orphaned grandchildren and supplied them with food for the month.  


Before we arrived, this gracious lady had taken what food she did have and fixed it for us in anticipation of our arrival.  You are never more humbled than to be shown such hospitality, at such a personal sacrifice.    (More kocho and coffee.)



We talked with the leaders of the community and asked what their biggest need is.   The simple answer “Water”.  Something we take so for granted, something so vital to life and they can’t get it.

We walked down to the local spring that supplies water for this village.  Remember, over 500 people use this one water source.  During the dry seasons, the water supply dwindles and conflicts arise.   Animals get into the water above where it comes out, which means parasites are deposited into the water through animal wastes

Ethiopia 2013 099

Even though this is a lovely spot, it’s a steep 1/4 mile (at least) walk down to the water.  When it rains, this pathway is slippery and dangerous. 


Coming back up this path, even without carrying water is HARD.


One of our next big goals is improving the flow of this spring and making sure that it’s a safe water source for the community.  You’ll be hearing more about this project in the near future.

We also attended church with our friend Zewdu on Wednesday night.  My word, what an incredible experience!  God’s presence was so strong!  The people were completely engulfed in worship, no American patty-cake praise here.   We Americans have SO MUCH to learn from our Ethiopian brothers and sisters.

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