Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ethiopia–Day 5

This was our last day in Awassa.  The very first thing on our agenda was to go out on the hippo boats.  I would like to point out that this was all Chrissy’s idea, keep that in mind here in a bit.   We get to the boat landing and watch as the folks there use a plastic container to remove several inches of water from the inside of our boat.   My first question is “Where did the water come from?”…”Oh, from the rains”, Chrissy replied…and I believed her.

We then strapped on out life vests and stepped into this narrow little boat with our eccentric captain (I don’t know that he was a captain, but it sounds more water savvy than “driver””.) 


Doesn’t he just look like he’d be a lot of fun (read: gets his jolly’s by freaking out the ferenj).


We travel by boat for about 20 minutes and then ta-da, hippos.  Lots of hippos.  Hippos much larger than our boat.  Hippos way too close to our boat for that matter.  This was totally cool!


We were about 10 or 12 feet from the hippos, when Chrissy, well…she freaked out on us.  Didn’t you Chrissy?  Seriously, she hops up, runs to the back of the boat and is punching the driver in the arm “Go back now, we’re done.”   It was a sight to behold.   Apparently she watches way too much of “When Animals Attack”.

She also is a big fan of the movie “Titanic”.  See?


Oh yeah, and FOR THE RECORD…that water in the boat earlier was NOT from the rain.  Because we were standing in about 1.5 inches of water by the time the boat returned to shore.


I did mention this was all HER idea, right?


Then just to further our near death experiences for one day, we traveled back to Addis by van for 4.5 hours.   If you ever wonder what it would be like to drive directly into oncoming traffic at 80 miles an hour while dodging goats and donkeys, then make this drive.

Our driver and friend Fekadu is a great this is not meant as a insult to his driving at all.  Ethiopia apparently has no speed limits, no stop signs and really those lines painted on the road mean NOTHING as you very well may have 3 lines of traffic traveling in one “lane” heading directly into on coming traffic.

This man managed to keep us all alive and entertained.  Good job Fekadu!


His mother made us a phenomenally good meal at their home when we arrived in Addis.  She totally redeemed Ethiopian food for me.

We crashed  in our hotel (as opposed to into another oncoming vehicle) and slept like rocks. 

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