Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skewed Logic

We had our first real snow of the year this week.  It started late on Tuesday evening, snowed into Wednesday midday and left us with around 20 inches of heavy, wet snow.  Some nearby areas received close to 30 inches of the white fluff.  The fact that it was a heavy and wet snow (as opposed to a light fluffy one) caused for tree damage and power outages.  It was still fun to play in.


Then a ding-dong on Facebook had to go and mess it all up.  This person, a Christian no less posted a nasty comment….

“So I hope all of you people who wished for snow are happy now.  Obviously you aren’t the ones without electricity.  The only people who enjoy this mess are stay at home moms and people who work from home, so I hope you’re proud of yourselves.   Well those of us who have to risk our lives to go to work don’t appreciate it.  Neither do those who have been injured and killed during this storm….” 


She then when on to say that people who enjoy the snow should be real happy knowing that some gal was injured when a tree fell on her and broke her back and some other bones.


Now, come on folks.   Lets be real here, you may not like snow, but to blame others for the fact that it happened, because they had wished for snow?  Now that’s just a bit nuts.   But to get your panties in enough of a wad to post such a thing is just stupid.  Yes, stupid.

The real issue is that this person works 1.5 hours away from home, across a mountain.  She's done so for years, of her own choosing.  Perhaps, instead of making ridiculous posts one should take some proactive steps.  For example:

1. Move closer to work.
2. Get a job closer to home.
3. Buy a 4X4 and learn to drive in the snow.
4. Prepare to be stranded at work in bad weather, take an overnight bag with you.

Really when you post stupid things on Facebook, expect people to call you out on it.   Then be grown up enough to realized gee that was dumb, or delete those who don’t agree with you and make them the bad guy (yep, I was deleted).

But what I really want to know, is why are people, Christians included, so in need of someone to blame for everything?    If I burn your house down, then yeah you should blame me.  If I enjoy a good snow storm, that I have no control over, and you get mad….well, you can’t fix stupid.


Nelson Campbell said...

How true.Wishing for snow or wanting it doesn't make it happen so those of us who love it when it happens are not to blame.It is a part of nature to be enjoyed the same as summer rain or cool breezes.
The person who posted such comments needs to grow up and use some judgement before exposing your ignorance for all the world to see.

Jolanthe Erb said...

Oh for crying out loud - seriously. I promise I'm not mad at you that we lost power for 2 days. :) I don't really think there was anyone to blame for that at all - but then again, I'm a stay at home mom who got to sit in the freezing cold with her four kids and no power to cook or keep them warm, so what do I know, eh? :)