Thursday, January 3, 2013

Facing My Giants

I’ve deemed 2013 to be my year of Experience.  It sounds so grand and alluring.   But unfortunately, in order to experience some things there also needs to be some hard battles fought.    There are giants in the land.

Have you ever had a giant in your land?  I’m sure you have, whether you want to admit it or not.   A giant is that heavy darkness that encircles you and threatens to choke the very air from your lungs.  The sound a giant makes is the horrific screams of mental and emotional anguish that push their way to the top of your vocal chords, only to be choked down by the fear of being heard.  

The giant stands between you and your hopes, your dreams…your destiny.  Giants are bullies with a mission.   The mission of a giant is to destroy you by whatever means necessary.  Giants will come at you with an incredible, pit-bull like tenacity.   It may be the giant of depression, alcoholism, rage, lust, overeating, drug abuse or anything that can be used to destroy you.  

Let’s be honest here, sometimes withstanding a giant wears you down.  You give up, you quit fighting and you pray for the giant to just kill you and be done with it.  Any giant worth it’s salt will torture you for quite a while before it puts you out of your misery.

When David went up against Goliath, he was defending not only himself but all of Israel.  Goliath told him point blank “When I defeat you, your people will serve me.”  (1 Samuel 17:9) David went to war, in God’s strength and defeated the Philistine giant and delivered his people.  Go David!

David had another giant in his life named Lust, but instead of killing it, he entertained it and then gave himself over to it.  It took him to bed with Bathsheba.  Then the giant took aim on his family.  It cost him a child.   His own daughter was raped by her brother.  Solomon was so controlled by the giant of lust that he had 700 wives and 300 concubines, and they eventually turned him away from God.   David got to watch all this mess unfold in his family….because he failed to face his giant.

The moral of this story?  Your children will have to battle the giants that you don’t kill. 

I’m tired, I’m broken and I don’t want to do battle anymore.  Years of abuse, abandonment and betrayal have left me empty and cold.   But, as a mother who would literally kill or die for my children, I realize I have to get back up and fight my giants another round.  The giants of rage, depression and obesity will not take aim on my children, they have to go through me first.

Giants are intensely personal – in your face kind of dudes.  They tell you that you will never succeed, that you will always be their slave.   Giants lie!

Stand back!  You may not like the way I fight my giants.  That’s ok.  Don’t take sides with my giant against me though, I’ve had enough “friendly fire” for a lifetime.

Who do you love more than life?  Are they worth facing your giants?

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