Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yep…Blew That One

You know, it’s really a good thing that God is gracious and long suffering.   Have you ever had God tell you something, several times and STILL managed to mess it up?  Yeah, me too….

Over the weekend I sorted and packed the girls summer clothing and put out their fall/winter things.   Lindsey actually out grew some things this year, although at 7 she’s just now wearing the clothing her sister wore at 3.  Anyway, I was putting the outgrown clothes on her bed in a pile.  Laying on the bed was her “blankie".  Her handmade, white blanket.  She’s slept with that blanket every night for SEVEN YEARS.

I saw the blanket, and as plain as anything I heard God say, “Move the blanket off the bed or it’ll get lost.”  So me, in all of my wisdom (ahem) made a mental note “make sure the blanket doesn’t get put in the pile.”

I went on sorting clothes, putting things to keep in a box.  Meanwhile the pile on the bed got bigger.  Once again I heard it, “Move the blanket off the bed or it’s going to get lost.”   Although I didn’t actually say this, or even think it, my actions said “I know better than you do God…I’m watching to make sure the blanket doesn’t get lost.”  You see where this is going, don’t you?

I went downstairs, placed another ad on Freecycle (you have to love Freecycle), and within about 30 minutes the huge bag of Lindsey’s clothing was headed to a new home.   I had shoved the last of the clothes into the bag as the husband walked in the door from work, and the man to pick up the bag of clothes pulled in the driveway.

Fast forward to 8:30pm.  Bedtime arrived, and Lindsey said, “Where is my blankie?”   You ever have one of those moments where you are pretty sure you can see God shaking his head in disbelief and saying “TOLD YOU SO DUMMY”.  

Let me tell you I turned that little girls bedroom upside down.  I had MADE SURE the blankie didn’t go in the bag  I’d been very careful to make sure it didn’t.  Yet, it was not on the bed.  Then I thought maybe by chance it had fallen into the box of clothing I’d kept.  I tore through the box…nothing.   I’d been “careful”, but what I hadn’t been was obedient.

I finally emailed the folks who picked up the clothes and asked if by chance there was a white blanket in the bag.  Then I sat glued to the computer screen for the next 30 minutes praying the lady checked her email.  Finally a reply popped up…yep, she had the blanket.  Sigh.

The lady emailed me directions to her house, and since it was late and she lives in a more “intense” side of town my husband said he’d go get the blanket.   As the front door slammed I heard that same voice “You need to pray.”   You better believe I listened this time.  I prayed for my husband the entire time he was gone, I didn’t stop until he returned about 20 minutes later.

While my husband was driving home, what appeared to be a drunk driver, crossed the center line by more than half the width of the car.  My husband said “I somehow managed to get out of his way just in time.” 

Do you see how quickly a single act of disobedience, in something so seemingly small and insignificant could have forever changed my family?   Yet God, in His mercy intervened just in time.

We often wonder why God doesn’t promote us, or use us in some earth shattering way.  God wonders, “Why can’t you just listen and obey?”

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