Sunday, September 9, 2012

My New Stove

In July the oven part of our range died.   It’s amazing how much one takes an oven for granted until it’s suddenly not available.  We spent about 7 weeks without one.  Quite honestly we just didn’t have the funds to replace or repair it.

Lindsey’s birthday is September 4, and she wanted a homemade chocolate cake for her birthday.  I was determined to have a working oven before her party on September 1.

I looked and looked for one in our price range.  Then it happened, I found a new stove at Lowe’s in the scratch and dent section, for $235.   So I put it on the credit card and scheduled delivery.   But it didn’t show up.  I called.  They lost the stove.  Really, how do you “lose” a stove?  I digress.   So I went back to Lowe’s and since they didn’t have that stove, they upgraded me and scheduled delivery.   It didn’t show up.  They lost stove #2.  Again, how do you lose a stove?

Now to be honest I was getting a little annoyed by now.  I was a week away from the birthday party and still no stove.  Not to mention that we’d already had the old (gas) stove disconnected.  I go back to the store, and they upgrade me again.  I scheduled delivery, and they…SHOWED UP, with a stove. 

This stove.  A five burner, convection oven stove.  A $700+ stove, for $235.  Squeee!!



The result?  One very happy 7 year old.


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Imelda S said...

All's well that ends well. At least it came in time for her birthday. :-) Happy birthday to your daughter.