Sunday, March 4, 2012

Preparing For Spring

March is such an odd time in Virginia.  The days can be frigid or balmy.  The wind can be gentle or somewhat akin to gale force.  I have 4 inch tall tulips, and buds on the trees, and wisps of greenery peeping from my perennial beds.   Yet, there is that gnawing feeling that winter isn’t done, just yet anyway.

I took a few minutes to cut some of the dead flowers from the front gardens today.  I started out in short sleeves and by the time I was finished my fingers were numb…temperatures are pretty erratic.

While getting my pruning sheers from the garden shed I noticed that my herb garden tubs are full of green, lush plants!   The tubs are stored in the shed during the winter to keep the ceramic pots from freezing and bursting during the rains and snows of winter.   Yet there in the warmth (albeit dark) confines of the garden shed their new life has sprung up without notice.

I wonder if there are signs of anything lush and green in me after this, the longest of winters?  I’ve lived in the confines of darkness as I’ve worked at night and slept during the day, with never enough hours to get it all done.

The spring plantings and spring cleanings are just around the corner.   It’s a time of new life and freshness in the earth.  Hopefully there will be a something new stirring within me as well….

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