Friday, March 23, 2012

Getting Ready to Garden

Spring is officially here by the calendar.  If you go by the weather, it has been here since February, go figure.   However, I’m not quite so convinced that it’s here to stay.  More than once we’ve had an end of March, early April snowstorm…who’s to say these 80 degree days will linger??

In any event, the garden needs to be ready for planting.  The girls and I have been working hard the last few weeks.  We went through the flower beds and removed all the dead leaves that accumulated there last fall.  We then dug huge holes in the gardens and buried the leaves and covered them over with dirt, and a hundred or so pounds of new topsoil.  Tada!!  Free natural fertilizer…once it rots, which shouldn’t take too long.




Did I mention that Shalom likes to “help”?  Yeah, he can dig up those leaves as fast as we can bury them.   He’s also a big fan of fresh vegetables, I kid you not.  So in the interest of the garden, and the safety of the dog (because really I’ll kill him if he eats all my tomatoes), we decided a fence would be in order.

The girls and I spent all morning last Saturday putting up our first fence.   Forgive me for not having in “during” photos, but my hands were busy with a sledge hammer as I drove in the fence posts.  But it turned out pretty well.   We even have a cute little garden gate that was FREE!!



Hopefully we’ll start getting our early things like onions and lettuces in the ground soon.

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