Monday, November 21, 2011

Small Town Treasures

We live in a smallish town, although it’s an independent “city”.  It has lots of cool, quirky things that you don’t find in big towns.  For example we have a free trolley system that provides transportation around town.  We have interesting buildings and some great stores.  

The catholic church is beautiful.  And yes, I really did take that photo myself.  I was walking the girls down the street to ballet and thought it was just too pretty to pass up.


My FAVORITE place (and my kids too),  is the little toy store downtown.  It always reminds me of the movie “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”…well except the building isn’t alive and the owner isn’t 700 years old.

Look at the lovely gingerbread display in the main entry way.   Each building is a replica of a building in our town.   Too cool!






Even better is the inside of the store!  They have REAL toys, not electronics, no blood – guts and gore.   But doll houses, castles, dress up clothes, puppets, books, musical toys, games…..and you can PLAY with stuff!  I tell you it’s dreamy!!



And if you have a quarter, you get to ride Sandy, the horse!  If you don’t have a quarter, they give you one and you STILL get to ride!



Of course, if you step outside the store you might see this, and get to ride….for a bit more than a quarter.


Or if you’re in the mood for some live music walk a bit farther down the street.


See!  I told you my town is cool!

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