Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A God Thing - Women of Faith Conference

God is funny…in both the ha-ha way and the SURPRISE way.  In the last several months He’s been dealing with me on stepping away from some things and into some other things, and not all of those choices are popular.     So I took a bit longer to move than I probably should have in some areas.

This last month I resigned from some areas of ministry that had become a burden, but “needed to be done”.   Within 48 hours of actually resigning (as opposed to knowing I should but not having DONE it yet), things started to happen.  Some are BIG things, like this post for example.   Honestly, I’m feeling a bit trapped right now, and drowning in a sea of unpacked boxes and yard sale fodder.

Then there was an email from BookSneeze telling me that they were giving me TWO FREE tickets to the Washington DC Women of Faith Conference!

I love this blurb from their site:

Escape from the everyday at a Women of Faith weekend and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Because the God who loves you can do far more than you can ever Imagine.

Escape, yes sir, I’m needing to escape!!  I NEED to be refreshed, encouraged and inspired.  Because truthfully I’m feeling dry and discouraged.   I’m TOTALLY expecting an awesome encounter with God!

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Jolanthe said...

Joesette that is WONDERFUL!!!! :) Have much fun and I hope this is a relaxing and refreshing time for you!!!! :)