Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God Is In Control

Sometimes in life things happen and you wonder why, and then later you see the reason.   This is one of those weeks.

We have a family member who has been having major health issues the last several years.  My husband and I had already discussed that mostly likely this person would be coming to live with us.  In our minds we were thinking 6 months to a year at the earliest.   Wrong.

Last week I was at Emergicare with this person on Friday of last week, and because of the current situation she was put on short term disability with her employer on Monday (yeah as in yesterday Monday).   Short term disability lasts three months, and allows her to keep her medical insurance.  In the mean time we’ll be applying for full disability for her as she most likely won’t be able to return to work.

So today I began the arduous task of packing her apartment up and rearranging our home to make room.   We should have it all finished by this weekend if we don’t have any rain to slow down the moving process.  (Did I mention that the temperature here today was over 100, and with the heat index it was around 115?…no, I don’t think I mentioned that). 

Anyway, so it’s a whirlwind of things to get done…and I had to wonder what in the world brought such a drastic turn of event literally overnight?

Fast forward to today.  She received a phone call from a co-worker.  Her employer  announced a large layoff today, that will take effect on Thursday.   Guess who was in the group to get laid off?  Yep…you got it.    Had she been there, and been laid off she would have have lost her insurance at the end of this month.

So see, God is in control even when it looks like things are just getting crazy.  

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Jolanthe said...

Ok...that's just a great God story right there!!! :) God is so good!