Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Value of a Child

When Roe vs. Wade was passed, and abortion because legal, there was a great shifting that took place.   Suddenly, unborn babies were no longer people, they became “decisions”.  As I’ve said before, at that time the seed of death was planted into the children of this nation.  We’ve reaped harvests like Columbine more than once as those born after that “decision” carry on with their lack of concern for human life.

However, I’ve noticed something else that is equally as distressing, even in the church.  Parenting has become optional.  Yes, you may carry your child full term and bring it into the world…but do you PARENT?  Do you sacrifice your wants and even needs to make sure that the child that God has entrusted to you is raised and trained up?

Hillary Rodham Clinton made the comment that “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Sadly the church has fallen into that mindset as well.   Passing the buck of parenting off to any person or organization that has an opening; and then expecting to get the good parent seal of approval.  But, did you DO anything in your child’s life?

Recently, a friend asked if I knew of any “family friendly” churches.  By that she meant one where adults and children sit together, as a family and learn God’s Word.  The answer was no.  So I posted the question on Facebook to see if I could help her out.  From the “charismatic” camp I got several comments and even sarcastic emails, quick to point out that  having a “children's church” is a sign of a thriving church.  But is it?

Is abdicating our Biblical responsibility to train up our children to our church (no matter how good) parenting them?  Parenting, and training our children begins at home.  The responsibility falls squarely in our laps.   Anything else, is extra, sprinkles on the frosting so to speak.

Our church actually had a “family Sunday”, so that children could sit with their parents to learn how to sit and listen during a service.  You know what happened?  On those Sunday’s 90% of the people with kids stayed home.   They weren’t about to take the responsibility of even SITTING with their own child during church.

You will invest your time in whatever you value.  If you value your children, you’ll invest time in them.  You’ll take the time to teach them God’s word.  You’ll take the time to teach them how to behave.  You will take the time to know where they are, who they are with and what they are doing.  

Just so you know that I’m not totally “anti-children’s church”, I’ll point out that I teach the elementary age kids in our church, almost every week.  Recently, I asked a very simple question in class, one that anyone should know.   Almost everyone looked blank.  So I asked my daughter if she knew the answer.  Before she could respond one of the other kids in the class blurted out “That’s not fair, you DO stuff with her!”

Pretty sad, isn’t it?  What’s even sadder, is that this wasn’t a kid from the “bus ministry”.  This wasn’t a kid from the “wrong side of town”.  This wasn’t a kid with a rough background.   This was the child of one of the LEADER’S in our church.

Sadly, children pick up on this all too quickly.   Your child is looking for someone to care enough to invest time into them. If it’s not you, it may very well be the pimp or dealer on the corner.

Value your children!  They were valuable enough for Jesus to shed his blood for. 

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