Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In–Woohoo!

To be honest, I wasn’t looking for much of a loss this week.  I hadn’t been “bad” with my eating, but I’d also been busy and haven’t gotten to exercise a great deal (ok, NONE).

Then I started looking at some things I have done this last week like reorganizing the basement and stacking a pickup truck load of firewood for examples.  I realized that although not “exercise” it definitely burnt some calories for me.

I came away with a 4 pound loss for the week!  So for the month of January, I have a 17 pound weight loss going! 

Although, to be honest I don’t think the exercise or my own doings have a great deal to do with it.  I’ve noticed that while doing the Bible in 90 challenge I’ve lost those old cravings.  I’m not binge eating out of boredom.  So maybe I’ve been feeding the wrong part of myself all along?  Shoving food in my mouth trying to satisfy for deeper craving for God? 

Be sure to go over to the Weekly Weigh In and congratulate Kris on no longer being obese!!  She has done an amazing job this last year and she deserves a lot of high fives!

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