Monday, January 31, 2011

Bible in 90 Week 4 Review


Truthfully, this week was more of a struggle.  No particular reason why, it just seemed to not be registering with me.  I kept up on the daily reading, but some days I felt like I retained very little.

What I did notice those was interesting.  In reading through I Kings and II Kings, I noticed that whenever a Godly king raised up, and then turned on God it always pointed out that “King ____ tore not down the high places, and began to worship other Gods”.  

This made me stop and ponder why some people seem to struggle with the same sin over and over.   They didn’t tear down that “high place” that was given to that thing, be it addictions, sexual immorality, gossiping or any other area.

How do you tear down such a high place?  First admit it exists.  Then renounce the sin, and consecrate that area of your life to God, by replacing it with a Godly thing.  For example, when the craving for a cigarette or drink hit, read your Bible, or pray or sing praise to God for your deliverance.  

So now that the area of high places is on my radar screen, I need to take a good look and see what areas I’ve left open.

How about you?

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