Monday, August 2, 2010

Today’s Trek Through the Garden

The weather has cooled off drastically.  We’ve gone from triple digit temps to the mid 70’s in a 24 hour time span.  Still little rain in sight, but the old water hose has been my friend during the dry spell.  (I’m not sure the water bill will be as friendly when it arrives.)

All of the flowers shown here are in my  little flower garden out my kitchen window.  It gives me a lovely view while washing the dishes.

My columbine is full of blooms!  I’d thought for sure it died.  The crazy hot spell hit right after I planted this and it wasn’t looking very good, but thankfully it pulled through.


I’ve never been a big fan of yellow, but I’ve always wanted black eyed Susan’s.  I planted these last year and never had a single bloom.  I was so happy to finally see pops of yellow this past week!


This next photo is an “obedient plant”.  I’m not sure if that is the correct name, but that’s what I was told by the gal who gave it to me last year.  It looks almost like a mini-foxglove.  Hey, it’s purple, I’m happy!038Dark purple spider-wort is blooming now.  The light purple and white varieties appear to have run their course for the year.


My squash plants are thriving…not many squash to show, but the blooms have been lovely.  According to our local gardening guru, the reason I’m getting blooms but no squash is because of the hot weather and bees just not pollinating.  Sigh….


Tomatoes will be ripening this week.  Eggplant and green beans are doing well.  The corn is teasing the girls as they wait for the ears to fill out.   I have two more head of cabbage to harvest and still getting broccoli too.  The lettuces are starting to go to seed, so I’m not sure they will last long enough for a salad with the tomatoes!   The peppers are doing fair.  We’ve picked 3 peppers so far…but lots of blooms to go.

How has your garden done this year?

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Jolanthe said...

Your squash and zucchini are doing waaaay better than mine. Mine got blight...or something and were literally dead overnight {boo hoo}.