Friday, August 13, 2010

Simple Sunday – Egg Soufflé

I don’t know about you, but Sunday can be one of the most hectic days of the week on my calendar.  Yes, I know it’s supposed to be a day of rest, but lets be real.  If you have a family, and are a worker in your local church body, you really don’t get any rest on Sunday either.

Seriously, does your Sunday morning usually end up with everyone flying in different directions?  Susie can’t find her left shoe, Bobby put the cat in the blender and your husband’s Bible seems to have been raptured before the rest of us because it’s nowhere to be found.  By the time everyone is ready and out the door on time, or ahem, a few minutes late, you realize nobody ate breakfast, because really who had time to cook it while you were doing damage control?  Next stop, Jiffy-Mart and everyone has a snacky cake and a soda.  Just so you know, the Sunday school teachers really don’t need a room full of sugar hyped kids every week, k?

So, in an endeavor to help make your Sunday mornings more pleasant, I’m starting a series of “Simple Sunday” recipes.  These are things you can mix up the night before, pop in the oven before you get in the shower on Sunday morning and have a hot breakfast on the table before heading out the door.

I can’t guarantee you that Susie’s shoes will be where they belong, or that the cat won’t get stuck in the blender again.  But, I can guarantee that you won’t be digging through your purse during the altar call looking for lint covered mints to stop your tummy from growling too much.  

Sunday school teachers, please throw money in my direction.  I’m doing this for you!

8 slices of bread, no crust
1/2 cup grated sharp cheese
2 cups milk
6 eggs beaten
1/2 cup butter, melted
salt & pepper to taste

Butter 8X11 dish.  Break up bread and dump in dish.  Mix eggs, milk, cheese, salt & pepper and pour over bread.  Pour melted butter on top.  Refrigerate overnight.

Bake at 350 for 40 minutes or until set.

Depending on the size of your family, you can double as needed.  I don’t really trim the crusts off the bread, it looks prettier if you do, but what a waste!  And the cheese, yeah well, the more cheese the better is my theory.  But hey, stick with the original recipe the first time and then tweak it after that.  Speaking of which, you can add a little onion, green pepper or even some cooked sausage or bacon if you’d like.

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