Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Old Ladies are Evil

Now, before you send me a nasty email, hear me out on this.  Last week I started officially shedding excess poundage.  It was glorious, truly.  To avoid temptation, I was careful to make sure there was no junk food in the house.  I know myself well enough to know if it’s here, I’ll eat it.

Then, the little old ladies entered the picture.  On Wednesday night, my 70+ year old neighbor dropped by….and left a key lime pie cheesecake.   CHEESECAKE!!   Have I mentioned that I LOVE cheesecake?

Then on Saturday we decided to grill some burgers and invited an older female family member (60+) to join us.  Between the time I talked with her and her arrival, she in turn talked to her neighbor (who by the way is late 70’s as well).   The neighbor lady then baked a cherry cobbler AND a Bundt cake pan size pound cake….and sent them both to MY house!   Thankfully, it was a lemon pound cake and I don’t like lemon pound cake, so it’s going to the husbands work tomorrow.  But, CHERRY cobbler???  Come on now, this has got to stop!

Pure evil I tell you!

Sure, you may say to yourself “just don’t eat it”.  My best friend Donna even suggested that I just throw the cheesecake away.   (Donna, you do know there are starving people in Ethiopia and that by eating the cheesecake instead of trashing it, I was in some way helping those Ethiopians, right??)  It’s similar to holding an AA meeting in a brewery after a week of sobriety.   

Anyway, there were some other contributing factors to my weight this week.   The biggest (aside from the cheesecake) was the fact that I finally got a cortisone shot in my foot!  woohoo!  That stuff works fast and the pain is gone!  However, I was told to take it easy for the week, so I didn’t do any exercising.

So the results are in…..drum roll please!   I didn’t gain, or lose.  I held steady at 3lbs. lost thus far.  This week I’m back to walking so next week should be better, right?

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