Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dog Killer

Have you ever watched the movie “Beethoven”?  The one with the big St. Bernard dog?  There is one scene, where the dad takes the dog to the pound to be destroyed because they think the dog attacked someone.  The dad comes home and walks in the house and his sweet little 7ish daughter looks at him and exclaims “DOG KILLER!”  

Yeah so, Olivia had a dog named Lucy.  You’ll notice the past tense verb was used there.   Lucy was a good dog.  Didn’t bite, bark, have accidents on the floor or destroy property.  Yes, Lucy was a good dog.  Yesterday, Lucy died.  It was an incredibly sad day.  Before you go getting too upset, here is a photo of the deceased.


Yeah, Lucy is a little robot dog that I bought last Christmas for $7.99.  Olivia loved this dog apparently.  She begged her father to fix Lucy…so the operating room was prepped and the patient was wheeled in and lots of things were removed…and unfortunately they couldn’t be put back together again (Lucy and Humpty Dumpty have a lot in common).



It was at this point that the true weeping, wailing and nashing of teeth began.  I kid you not, they were both bawling their eyes out. 

077 078

Somewhere in this time frame, Lindsey tried to speak in a high pitched, squealy voice that was unintelligible to even me.   That noise, coupled with the weeping and wailing over the dead TOY dog made me think of the scene from Beethoven….everything in me wanted to say “DOG KILLER”…but I thought that would be a bit harsh. 

So instead, I started to laugh uncontrollably.  One of those belly laughs that makes you cry and laugh and cry, and then your ribs start to hurt.   Then the husband started to laugh.   Lindsey ended up doing a combined laugh/cry thing.   Olivia just got mad about us laughing.

So yeah, I probably earned the “Bad Mom of the Year” award today.  Go me!  However, the true absurdity of the situation just got the best of me and I couldn’t help it.   Seriously, it’s the hardest I’ve laughed in YEARS.  Taking photos of such a heart wrenching affair was probably a bit cold and unfeeling of me.

So uh, if you see one of those little robot dogs anywhere, let me know will you?  I guess that’s my only option for redeeming myself at his point….(dog killer….snicker)

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Donna said...

But you were a good scrapbooker and you took pics to remember the moment!

I am proud!

And I laughed too.