Friday, June 25, 2010

In My Garden

I’m not sure what happened to spring.  Besides the fact that it went by really quick, there was very little spring like weather.   May and early June were in the 90’s; and now here we are 2 days into summer and we’re hitting heat index of 106 and up!!   Very little rain has fallen, so we have crunchy brown grass.

However, I’ve been working hard on keeping my flowers and vegetables going strong.  We already harvested all of our peas and pulled the vines up.   We’ve been eating lettuce for over 2 months.  Broccoli has been harvested twice already and still producing abundantly.

We ended up with a ton of tomato plants.  Olivia’s baseball coach gave us several varieties this year including “Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes”, “Black Krim” and “Deliscious”.  Then someone else gave me some yellow German tomato plants, and my husband wanted “Big Boy” tomatoes.  I think we have a dozen plants…not to mention the couple of surprise plants that I spotted growing in with the corn.  I’m guessing there were some seeds in the compost pile??

Peppers, tomatoes and green beans are getting blooms on them.  I have a couple of small yellow squash and a couple of small zucchini starting to grow too!



I have red and purple bee balm, white, dark and light purple spiderwort, orange and burgundy day lilies, lambs ear, shasta daisies, coreopsis and capon roses, sunflowers and Easter lilies are all in bloom.  Seriously, Easter lilies!   The church has 4 of these plants left over in 2009, and I planted them in my garden.  This year I have 8 that popped up and are blooming like crazy!!







Jamerrill said...

Good job on doing your veggies. Besides some Strawberry plants I haven't gotten far w/ edible items. Flowers though, I know! I find it's great "mommy time" to be working in the flower gardens. Looks like you've gotten beautiful returns! Next Spring, if you'd like, I can give you a 5 gal. bucket of tiger lilies (or more). They grow across our road and I transplant 5-10 bucket loads every year. They're hardy and the price, FREE, is always right!

Joesette said...

OOOOhhhhh, I'd love some tiger lilies! (Especially free!) Most of my flowers came from Freecycle, or the community flower swap.