Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love my flower garden!

Last fall, I was given a lot of perennials to transplant.  I was told just to plant them, cut off the dead stuff and wait until spring.  Honestly, I thought I’d spend a lot of time burying a bunch of dead stuff.

However, now as spring has arrived and things are popping up all over, I find that these garden people really do know what they are talking about!



Purple is my favorite color!  I’m trying hard not to have an all purple flower garden, but I  can’t make any promises!








Love my tulip bed!  This is the 2nd year that these have bloomed.  They aren’t as tall as last year, but they are more sturdy (read: they don’t flop over).







I’m not sure where these red tulips came from.  I don’t remember planting them.  Especially since they are springing up right in the middle of my fever few plant.






See!  More purple!  Lamium is such a pretty and delicate looking ground cover.  And my gosh does it spread fast!





Finally, take a look at this, my first strawberry blossom!  Do you see the tiny one behind it?  So I’ll have at least 2 strawberries this year!