Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ahhhhh…the smell of CLEAN!

Hello, my name is Joesette and I’m a clean freak!  It’s true, I enjoy cleaning! My brother (the pastor) once said that my spiritual gift was to clean….I think he was making fun.

Amy insists that I’m cleaning every time she comes by to visit.  Unfortunately with her work and mine, those visits are a lot fewer and farther between these days.  Equally as sad is the fact that so is my cleaning!

My dear husband has been wonderful about trying to help out while I’m at work.  I, however, don’t like the way he cleans.  He does a fine job, mind you.  It’s just not the way “I” would do it.

This week, I was blessed with an evening at home!  Seriously, Tuesday night there was no baseball game, no practice, no ballet…just an evening at home.  I cleaned like a mad woman!  I moved furniture,  pruned the house plants, dismantled the kitchen stove and scrubbed for all I was worth!   I was exhausted when I went to bed a little after midnight, but the house smelled SO clean!!  My kind of clean.

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