Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mother-In-Law Has a Turn

My father-in-law improved dramatically on a daily basis while he was here. On Friday he went to Olivia's ballet with us and then to the library with Lindsey and I. He said he thought it was time to go home. His leaving was emotional, more so for him. During his 9 day stay he and Lindsey formed a very strong bond.

He did well, right up until he got to the end of the driveway and Lindsey ran out the front door and yelled "Bye Granddaddy! I LOVE YOU!" This is where the intense blubbering kicked in. He stood there in the frigid night air for the longest time waving up the driveway and crying.

After they drove away Lindsey walked into her now empty room and looked at the empty bed and sighed a deep, heavy sigh. Her little feet scurried across the hallway to again sleep with Olivia, where they cried under the covers together until they went to sleep. First thing the next morning, she asked her dad to dial Granddaddy's number for her. She talked to him for about 10 minutes...asking if he'd slept well (he hadn't); if he'd taken his medicine (he had) and when he could come back again.

Fast forward to this morning, exactly 3 weeks since the call that said they were taking Sam to the ER. The phone rings, my sister-in-law says "We're heading to the ER again." My mind began to whirl, what on earth could have gone so wrong in 36 hours? Nothing, at least not with Sam. Instead it was my mother-in-law who was taken in. Her appendix ruptured and she had to have emergency surgery.

My husband spent the day at the hospital. The girls and I spent the day with Sam at his house watching westerns and eating spice drops. I tried to convince him to come back home with us for the night, but he insisted he'll be ok.

Now I wait and see how long Shirley's hospital stay will be...and her recovery period. We may be getting another house guest for a spell.


Cindy said...

Saying a prayer for your mother-in-law and family!

Anonymous said...

Hoping Shirley has a speedy healing!

Keep us posted.