Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

Today we wrapped up our Thanksgiving by having the family dinner at the in-laws house. We'll have leftovers tomorrow and then on to regular food on Monday.

I think it's interesting how different my family's Thanksgiving meal is from that of my husband's family. First of all, my Mom does NO cooking, although she insists the meal be at her we all have to cook and take it over there. We have the standard turkey, mashed potatoes, giblet gravy and cranberry sauce, and HOT BREAD. Side dishes vary, usually there is candied sweet potatoes...sometimes corn pudding or green bean casserole. There is ALWAYS dessert, more than 1...something pumpkin and something chocolate.

At the in-laws there may or may not be turkey (last year it was deer or elk I forget which...but I know it wasn't a bird of any type). There will ALWAYS be dressing balls, and baked beans (WHY BAKED BEANS???). There may be a loaf of regular bread, or not...but never HOT bread. And, they don't do dessert (horror or horrors!!). Seriously, the first year I was stunned that there was no dessert, at all. So I've marked myself as the official dessert maker for family meals...because if there was no dessert there really was no feast, now was there??

So this year, I provided macaroni and cheese in the ole crock pot, cherry jubilee for dessert and brown and serve rolls. AND just for grins and giggles while we waited, I showed them how to make homemade butter out of heavy whipping cream. My father-in-law INSISTED it couldn't be done. Quite honestly, he really SHOULD know better than to challenge me on these things by now.

Eventually, as the years unfold and things change, I'll become the official Thanksgiving hostess. It'll be a lovely blend of the two family meals. There will be turkey, potatoes, dressing balls and gravy and HOT BREAD (did I mention how important this step is?) and there WILL.BE.DESSERT.

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