Monday, November 30, 2009


I should already be part of the way through our lessons for today. Somehow, however I ended up going through my closets, purging things that don't fit, or are just ugly (fat clothes really aren't very pretty). I kept about 6 sweaters that fit me before childbirth...they are lovely, and WHEN I lose all my bulk, they'll still be in style.

So, I'm left with 3 pair of jeans (one looks like the inside leg seam is going to give way soon...but we'll wait until that happens); 4 short sleeve tops that are nice; 3 long sleeve shirts and about a dozen really big t-shirts (tie-dye mostly).

I also kept 2 pair of jeans that are the next size down, they are my short term goal. Everything else is in a bag and I've posted them on Freecycle. No point in keeping things that don't fit, or that do fit but are just too ugly to wear right?

I'm still not sure how I went from getting ready for my shower to going through all the clothes in my room, but at least there is a lot less clutter in there now.

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